The 4 Popular Packaging for 1ml Concentrates Glass Syringes

1. Rigid Child-resistant Packaging Box 2. Plastic Magnetic Packaging Box 3. Clamshell Blister Packaging 4. Plastic Packaging Tube
picture of glass syringe packaging

Glass syringes are a good way to package cannabis concentrates like dabs and distillates. They are often found in the cannabis/ hemp and CBD markets in the US and Canada. A list of the different types of packages is shown below. You can use this information to choose the right packaging for your distillate glass syringes.

1. Rigid Child-Proof Packaging Box

Image of Rigid Packaging Box

(Price range: $0.45~$0.6 per piece)

These types of glass syringe packages are childproof and have a button on the side to lock them. The button is on the inner box, which then fits into a hole in the outside box. To open the box, the inner box must be pushed out while the button is pushed making it more difficult for kids to get to the glass syringes because of this unique design. You can make your company look better by having boxes with unique logos and printing designs.

This will also make your products stand out on store shelves.

2. Plastic Magnetic Packaging Box

Plastic Megnetic Packaging Box

(Price range: $0.2~$0.3 per piece)

Transparent packaging gives a visual view of the syringe. Attactive and easy to carry. It has a magnetic closure with foam Clear packaging that lets you see the glass syringe inside the container. Attractive and easy to move around, these are a good choice for anyone looking to package their distillate syringe effectively. It has a magnetic closure with a foam insert to keep the glass syringe safe.

On the box, you can put your company’s name and a beautiful design that will draw attention.

3. Clamshell Blister Packaging

Plastic Blister Packaging Image
Image of Single Blister Packing

(Price range: $0.15~0.3 per Piece)

Blister glass syringe packaging designs let you see your product and needle tip in the best light possible. Including a business card or label insert. It is an easy and cheap way to show off your brand. Also, it offers a professional hanging format at supermarkets or stores. Blister packs are usually cheaper than other ways to package glass distillate syringes.

It’s very popular in the field of fast-moving goods.

4. Plastic Packaging tube

Image of Plastic Packaging Tube
Image of Plastic Packaging Tube with Blunt Needle

(Price range: $0.15~$0.3 per Piece)

Glass syringes with clear tubes come in many different shapes and sizes, and the design changes depending on what the tube is going to be used to do. For example, a lid with a handle on it can be easily opened, but a flat cap is better for boxes that have high turnover rates. Each plastic tube has a different diameter based on whether it needs to be put into the blunt tip needle.

You can also put a sticker on the outside of the tube to show your cannabis brands’ names.

There you have it. Four different ways to package your cannabis concentrates and glass syringe containers. You can find these and other packaging solutions by visiting

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