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The 4 Popular Packaging for 1ml Concentrates Glass Syringes

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Glass Syringes make a visual packaging for dab, and distillate cannabis concentrates. They are very popular in the USA & Cannada Hemp market. The characteristics and prices of different packaging styles are introduced below. I hope it will be helpful for customers to choose and purchase appropriate packaging.

1. Rigid Child-Resistant Packaging Box

Image of Rigid Packaging Box

(Price range: $0.45~$0.6 per piece)

Childpfoof Design. It features a side lock button. The button fixed on the inner box locks into the hole on the outer box. To open the box, the inner box must be pulled out while pressing the button. This special design makes it difficult for children to access the contents. Of course, this is very easy for adults.

Boxes with unique Logo and printing designs can enhance the company’s image and increase product recognition in the market.

2. Plastic Magnetic Packaging Box

Plastic Megnetic Packaging Box

(Price range: $0.2~$0.3 per piece)

Transparent packaging gives a visual view of the syringe. Attactive and easy to carry. It has a magnetic closure with a foam protective insert. A blunt tip is attached to dispensing the concentrates. Logo and impressive design can be printed on the box.

3. Clamshell Blister Packaging

Plastic Blister Packaging Image
Image of Single Blister Packing

(Price range: $0.15~0.3 per Piece)

This design can maximum viewing your product and application needle tip. A business card or label insert is an easy and affordable way to show your band information. The clear clamshell blister packs with a professional hanging format make it easy to display in supermarkets or stores.

It is cheaper than other packaging methods and is very popular in the field of fast consumer goods.

4. Plastic Packaging tube

Image of Plastic Packaging Tube
Image of Plastic Packaging Tube with Blunt Needle

(Price range: $0.15~$0.3 per Piece)

The tube comes in many different forms, and there are some changes in design according to functional requirements. For example, a lid with a handle on it can be easily opened, or a flat cap is more suitable for mass sale in a box. Their diameters can be adjusted according to whether they need to be put into the blunt tip needle or not. You can also put a sticker on the outside of the tube to display your brand information.

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