The 4 Popular Packaging for Concentrates Syringes

1. Rigid Child-resistant Packaging Box 2. Plastic Magnetic Packaging Box 3. Clamshell Blister Packaging 4. Plastic Packaging Tube
image of different packagings for concentrate syringe

Concentrate syringes have become a popular way to consume various products. There are five popular types widely used in the packaging for concentrate syringes. These solutions offer different styles and benefits for a range of distribution requirements.

This blog post will explore all five syringe packaging options to help you find the best one suited.

1. Rigid Child-Proof Packaging Box

picture of various brand rigid packaging box

(Price range: $0.45~$0.6 per piece)

The rigid packaging boxes come in many shapes and sizes, with and without an extra childproof button. The childproof feature requires the inner box to be pulled out while the button is pressed. Thus it’s difficult for children to access. We have obtained the certificate for the childproof box.

Attaching a blunt tip needle to the concentrate syringe box can make it easy to dispense.

If you want your products to stand out on the shelf, you can use personalized syringe boxes with custom logos and designs.

2. Plastic Magnetic Packaging Box

photo of custom magnetic packaging box

(Price range: $0.2~$0.3 per piece)

A transparent magnetic box gives people a visual view of the concentrate syringe. It’s eye-catching and provides a quick way to access the concentrate through magnetic closure. The magnet box is much cheaper than a rigid packaging box and is an economical way to display.

Printing logos or slogans onto the box or adding customized stickers are available. This allows them to create truly unique and highly distinctive product displays.

3. Clamshell Blister Packaging

picture of customized clamshell packaging

(Price range: $0.15~0.3 per Piece)

Clamshell blister packaging offers an excellent display of the syringe from different angles. The consumers can review the quality of the concentrates before making a purchase.

Business cards or label inserts are easy and cheap ways to promote your brand. Also, it offers a professional hanging format at supermarkets or stores.

The clamshell blister packaging can be piled up while shipping. It reduces transportation costs significantly and makes businesses more profitable.

4. Plastic Packaging tube

photo of pop-top tubes

(Price range: $0.15~$0.3 per Piece)

Different types of clear tubes are designed to accommodate concentrate syringes. Some lids of clear tubes with handles are easy to open. Some lids are flat and more discreet to take with you. Besides, pop-up clear tubes offer secure childproofing while still allowing one-handed access.

Clear tubes let you see what is in the container, and they have a childproof lid.

Customized stickers are a unique, affordable way to make your cannabis concentrate stand out. They meet legal requirements by obscuring the product inside. The wrappers are also aesthetically-pleasing and sure to draw attention!

All in all, you know the four packaging types for 1ml concentrate syringes. Which one will you choose for your product? Each has its benefits and drawbacks. It’s essential to consider what will work best for your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help with concentrate syringes!

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