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Borosilicate Glass Syringe Wholesaling

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It’s not easy to introduce all the bulk borosilicate glass syringes, so we have prepared a lot of information on this page for you to delve into. To make sure you can find the information you want quickly. We designed this content directory to jump to the corresponding location when you click on it.

General Applications

Our top product prefilled glass syringe (PFS) is the most advanced packaging material for cannabis extracts(THC/CBD/RSO), Vaccines, biologicals such as hyaluronic, interferon, etc. And other infection solutions.

Its advantages lie in safety, health, non-pollution, easy operating, more efficient utilization of the liquid medicine, and preventing cross-infection.

Image of cannabis glass syringe

The borosilicate glass syringes are widely used for dab applicators or distillate. Instead of plastic syringes, they won’t interact with terpenes in cannabis extracts.

Image of glass syringe for beauty

Our pre-fillable glass syringes are the most popular packaging for hyaluronic acid in the beauty market. Its Luer lock head can connect with the general medical needles on the market.

Image of vaccine glass syringe

Because of its superior product performance during filling and packaging operations, medical disposable glass syringes with stake needles are increasingly used in vaccine injection.

Hot Selling Products

We have the size of prefilled glass syringe from 0.5ml to 10ml.

Here below are the most popular prefilled glass syringes in the market.

Customized Syringes

Custom glass syringes mean personalizing the measurements, logo, rubber stopper & plunger color. We can make digital mock-ups with your logo for free before placing orders.

Packaging Solution

We can provide conventional medical packaging and customized individual packaging for our prefilled glass syringes. Experienced packaging solution makes us stand out of the market.

Conventional Nest Box

The dialysis bag outside the nest box is made of Teflon produced by DuPont(USA), ensuring sterilization thoroughly.A sterilization report is attached for each batch of goods.

Nesting box packaging protects glass syringes from being damaged during transportation.

We also have nested rubber stoppers to match the machine for automatic production lines.

Individual Packaging

There are 4 popular individual packaging styles for distillate syringes, including glass syringes with clamshell packaging, Childproof rigid packaging box, plastic magnetic box, and clear tube packaging. These glass syringe packagings can be personalized with your design, logo, or size. Free design supports are available.


Fast turnaround time

The goods can be shipped out immediately after the order is confirmed for regular items. It takes about 7 days for custom glass syringes, and 10 days for personalized packaging.

Skillful working system

By combing air shipping and sea shipment, we can plan orders in time and strike a good balance between shipping time and expenses to help customers save a lot of costs without delaying the sales plan.


The minimum order quantity is 1 box for regular items. It’s 64pcs per box for 5ml glass syringes and 100pcs for others.Whether you’re a start-up or placing a trial order, It’s easy to do.

Strong Partners

We cooperated with many famous businesses to import the raw materials we needed. For example, the natural glass tubes are imported from Schott (USA), and silicone oils are from Daw corning(USA). We buy rubber stoppers and needle shields from West(France) and Datwyler.

Shipping Service

By combing air shipping and sea shipment, we can plan orders in time and strike a good balance between shipping time and expenses to help customers save a lot of costs without delaying the sales plan.

Image of express shipping

Express Shipping. (FedEx, UPS, or DHL)

Express only needs a week to deliver the goods to most the countries. We keep a long-term business relationship with express companies to have competitive shipping costs.

Image of air shipping

Air Shipping

It’s cheaper than Express Shipping and takes 3-4 more days. The goods are shipped to the destination directly in one cargo and then deliver to courier out for delivery.

Image of matson ship

Matson Fast Vessel

It takes about 15 days from China to the USA. It’s much cheaper than the air shipping way. One time a week. Duty-free door-to-door service.

Image of regular sea shipping

Regular sea shipping

It’s the common way to ship cargo. We will help you balance the cost and time by combining other shipping ways.


Most frequent questions and answers

Our samples are free for you within 10pcs. If your company has popularity in the local market, we can also bear the shipping cost for samples.

Usually, there is less than 0.7mg silicone oil inside each glass syringe to reduce friction between the plunger stopper and glass barrel. We can also make oil-free glass syringes as per the client’s requirements.

We use E0 gas or irradiation sterilization methods. A separate inspection report is attached to every consignment.

Our factory is registered under the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) as a pharmaceutical packaging materials enterprise. And we have passed the certification of ISO9001 & ISO13485.

No. The glass syringe with a gold stainless steel plunager is a bit more expensive than the silver one.

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