Cannabis oil syringes: the perfect packaging solution for Cannabis oil

Syringes allow for precise dosing of cannabis oil and are easy to use and store.
picture of cannabis oil syringe

There are various packaging styles for cannabis extracts, such as drop bottles, glass jars, and syringes. Cannabis oil is a concentrated form of the active compounds in cannabis and is typically sold in small, measured doses. Cannabis oil syringes are the perfect solution for Cannabis oil packaging.

Cannabis oil syringes offer several advantages over other packaging options.

First, they allow for precise dosing of cannabis oil. This is important because cannabis oil is an ineffective or even dangerous product if being over-or under-dosing.

picture of vvs concentrate syringe

Second, cannabis oil syringes are easy to use and store. Syringes are small and easy to carry in hand. An airtight oil syringe can preserve its potency and freshness.

Finally, cannabis oil syringes are a discreet way to package cannabis oil. Cannabis oil is a controversial product, and many people do not want to be seen using it in public.

With their many benefits, it is no wonder that they are becoming the preferred packaging option for cannabis oil.

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