Introduce the distillate syringes with colorful metal plungers

Distillate syringes with colorful metal plungers make the product more appealing to the energetic and modern youth.
image of new distillate syringes with metal plungers

Many types of oil syringes for distillate are on the market. An attractive distillate syringe can make your brand stand out quickly. Our newly launched distillate syringe with the colored metal plunger is just such a product. Its barrel is made of borosilicate glass, the same as other distillate syringes. The metal plunger has a vibrant-colored electroplating process. This makes the product more appealing to the energetic and modern youth.

The air-release metal ring at the top of the distillate syringe can be electroplated in various colors. These syringes are more stunning than regular stainless steel plungers. You can customize it to your preferences to create a unique syringe.

The cost of the new distillate syringes is similar to that of ordinary syringes but with a higher order quantity. Typically, orders of more than 10,000 pieces are required to customize colors. We have an inventory with a low minimum order quantity for some popular distillate syringes.

For medical marijuana products, syringes with full stainless steel plungers are an ideal option. These plungers are made of 304 stainless steel and have no heavy metal residue. Our glass syringes meet medical packaging standards and are better for storing extracts.

As specialists in glass prefilled syringes, we can recommend the most suitable packaging for your needs. Contact us for the most professional syringe packaging advice.

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