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Blunt Tip Neddle for Glass Syringe Distillate

This Blunt Tip Needle matches a glass syringe for easy and mess-free filling or dispensing of your favorite concentrate. We have many different specifications of the needle for distributing various types of oils. 

Generally,  when you place glass syringe orders, remark whether you need it or not, we can send them with bulk glass syringe together for free. 

♦ Stainless steel cannula
♦ Suitable for all standard Glass Syringes
♦ Great for liquid measure, liquid mixture, essential oil dispenser, perfume measure, etc.

Details of Blunt Tip Neddle for Glass Syringe Distillate

blunt tip for glass syringe

Material and Function

♦ PP and stainless steel
♦ Distributor thick oil and liquid
♦ The glass syringe blunt tip’s inner wall is smooth and has good fluidity, suitable for dispensing most fluids, concentrates, and solvents.

Advantages for Prefilled Glass Syringe

♦ The blunt tip screws on directly to the glass syringe, simple to take apart and put back together
♦ It makes it easier to fill vape cartridges and not waste any of the precious oil.
♦ the blunt tip is universal, portable, compact, and has fit every glass syringe.

filling oil with blunt tip
specifications of blunt tip needle

Specifications of Blunt Tip Needle

The color represents the Outer Diameter of the blunt tip needle. And we can provide all of the needles with different needle lengths.

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