The Benefits of Glass Syringes for Cannabis Oil

It's made of Heat-Resistant Borosilicate glass, easy to take apart and put back together, mess-free dispensing. Glass syringes is the perfect oil packaging.
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In the United States and Canada, and some countries where marijuana is legal, glass syringes have gradually become popular marijuana oil packaging containers. Although it is much more expensive than plastic syringes, its share of the marijuana market is growing rapidly.

This article lists some benefits of glass syringes for cannabis Oils, and I sincerely hope it will help you choose a suitable package for your favorite concentrates.

1. Crafted of Heat-Resistant Borosilicate glass

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With good temperature resistance and good thermal shock resistance, Borosilicate glass can easily handle most lab temperatures. It can handle 400°C for short-term service, typically 200-230°C for normal, standard use. Therefore, it’s staying completely intact even when it gets loaded with hot liquids or oils. On the other hand, for ender users, the property of direct heating makes it more convenient to use.

2. Reusable and thoroughly clean

Disassembled 1ml luer slip cap glass syringe

The Glass Syringe is made up of a plunger, rubber stop, barrel, and lure lock/slip head. It is simple to take apart and put back together, which allows for thorough cleaning between every use or between shifts in the oil preference. Based on recycling and environment friendly, it is gradually replacing the traditional plastic syringe.

3. Quick prefilled with a filling machine

Packaging Inside

Generally, 100pcs of glass syringes into one sterile nest box, 1500pcs into one box. The plunger and rubber stops are packed separately. This is a common packaging method globally, and it is suitable for the vast majority of filling machines in the market. It can greatly improve the efficiency of filling cannabis oil.

4. Matching blunt tip needles

Match with Blunt Tip Needle

Normally, a 14 Gauge blunt tip screws on directly to the glass syringes. And the stainless steel needle makes it easier to fill vape cartridges and distillate bulk oil for vaporization. It will not waste any of the precious concentrates, and the silicone-tipped push rod ensures every last drop of oil is dispensed. After using it, you can take it off, wash it, and save it for the next use.

5. Markings for exact distribution

On the barrels of the glass syringes, markings can be down to 0.01ml for exact distribution. The different contents of active substances and extraction methods of hemp oil will lead to different amounts of hemp oil used differently. Therefore, accurate control of the dosage is economical and healthy. Also, the silk printing scale won’t rub off.

6. Good sealing makes the content fresh

The glass syringe features an air-tight Luer lock or lures slip head that makes the concentrates inside fresh. Therefore, the glass syringe ensures both the convenience of use and storage.

7. Small and easy to carry

The glass syringe is 3 inches long and 0.5 inches in diameter. It can be easily held inside the hand or put into the pocket. It’s a good companion to a vape pen. The silicone-tipped push rod ensures every last drop of oil is dispensed.

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