Are cannabis oil syringes silicone-free?

No, Silicone oil is usually added to glass syringes as a lubricant to reduce the friction. The amount of silicone oil is generally less than 0.7mg. And It is evenly sprayed on the inner wall of the glass tube.
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What kind of silicone oil inside?

We use DOW CORNING™ 360 Medical Fluid, 1000 CST. It is a clear, colorless polydimethylsiloxane liquid with five standard viscosities. Dow Corning 360 medical silicone oil is produced, tested, and packaged under the healthcare Industries Materials Site (HIMS). HIMS (Hemlock, Michigan) is a company registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a Drug composition dedicated to producing silicone materials for the health care industry.

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For more details about its features, you can also visit Dupont material data center.

Is silicone oil safe?

Medical Silicone oil can be classified as “medical grade” and safe to apply in critical applications. Every device used to help patients should be of the highest quality and completely secure in the medical field. Its non-toxic, durable, and highly versatile. Medical-grade silicone is a trusted material used across a wide range of applications which is why we use medical-grade silicone as our top choice for prefilled glass syringes.

We cooperate with many biopharmaceutical manufacturers from South Korea, Germany, Italy, and other countries. Silicone oil is safe in prefilled glass syringes for hyaluronic acid, interferon, and vaccines.

Does the silicone oil interact with terpenes?

Does the silicone oil interact with terpenes?

There is almost no research done on whether silicone oil interacts with terpenes. However, people on Reddit have pointed out their views on this issue and used the

compatibility between terpenes-similar substances and silicone to speculate their relationships.

Here is an industrial compatibility chart from We can see that the rating is D which means “Severe Effect.”

Image of chemical compatibility

Some people tried to prove that from the perspective of chemical compatibility with terpenes, an “Oil: pine” might work. However, what we see from there is still a D rating.

Generally, it is not rigorous to judge a scientific problem only by the above conjecture. The reactions between chemicals are closely related to some conditions, such as added quantity and store temperature.

We export hundreds of thousands of glass syringes to North America every year for cannabis concentrates. Only a few customers say they want oil-free distillate syringes because of taste issues.

It would be better to be cautious when buying empty distillate syringes for your rosin with terpenes.

How about not using silicone oil?

As we said, silicone oil is added to the glass syringe as a lubricator. Its function is to reduce the friction between the plunger rod and the glass syringe barrel. Otherwise, the plastic plunger will be challenging to push. However, a glass syringe with a metal plunger makes it push smoother.

image of metal plunger syringe and terpenes

With the help of a stainless-steel plunger, silicone oil-free syringes can overcome the friction obstacle, making them the best packaging for medical cannabis oil with terpenes.

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