what is the blunt tip size for glass distillate syringes?

Usually, the distillate glass syringe uses a 14Gauge 1/2' inch sized blunt tip. It's with a green plastic base and stainless steel cannula.
1ml glass syringe with blunt tip

If you often use a distillate syringe, you may notice a small green blunt needle there. It can be well connected to the head of a glass oil syringe. It’s a good helper when you dab or refill your oil cartridge.

Usually, the distillate glass syringe uses a 14Gauge 1/2′ inch sized blunt tip. It’s with a green plastic base and stainless steel cannula.

image of cbd glass syringe
1ml Luer lock glass syringe with 14G blunt tip needle

Gauge represents the size of diameter. 14 Gauge is the largest size among the blunt plastic tips for distillate. Its inner diameter is 1.55mm, and its outer diameter is 1.83mm.

Different colors distinguish different blunt tips. For example, the color of the 16 Gauge needle is gray, and the 21 Gauge is gray. But, the color of the tips can be customized according to different needs.

Image of blunt tips

A blunt tip with the glass syringe in the magnet box package is 16 Gauge. Both 14 Gauge needles and 16 Gauge needles are used in distillates.

1ml distillate glass syringe with magnet plastic box packaging

If your concentrates are very sticky, thick, and viscous, we recommend 14Gauge needles. Otherwise, 16 Gauge blunt tip is better for accurate dispensing.

The glass syringe with a blunt metal tip needle dispenses raw concentrates or thick liquid. The recommended specification is 14Gauge 1′ inch. Its needle cannula is 304 stainless steel, and the seat is copper plated.

Image of blunt tips

The metal blunt tip is more expensive than blunt plastic needles. but heated with the cannabis oil syringe directly is its advantage. Use a heating gun that gets to about 200/300 F to heat the whole blunt tip syringe. The concentrates will flow out smoothly.

After cleaning out the blunt tip needle, you can use it to distribute a variety of thick liquids, such as glue, ink, or feed your pet. It’s reusable.

I’m happy to contact you to buy bulk blunt tip glass syringes for distillate or ask for more information about them. Thank you.

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