Introduce two types of air-release glass syringes

Air-release glass syringe helps to remove pressure and air bubbles from liquids in the filling process.
picture of glass syringe with air release plunger

Air-release glass syringes are popular devices for administering concentrates and other cannabis extracts. There are two types of air-release glass syringes: Glass syringes with metal plungers and plastic plungers.

Both types have air-release plungers that release pressure when the distillate is filled with syringes.

Air release plungers are available in Luer lock and slip cap glass syringes.

This blog post will discuss the differences between these two types of syringes and their applications.

What is an Air-release glass syringe?

Air-release glass syringe helps to remove pressure and air bubbles from liquids in the filling process. They are mainly designed for distillate extracted from hemp. Hemp distillates are becoming increasingly popular as they are a potent and pure form of CBD.

Air-release glass syringes help ensure that the distillate is free of impurities. It’s easy to do. Inject the distillate into the syringe barrel and press the plunger to push out any air bubbles.

How to use an air-release glass syringe?

There are different ways to use air-release syringes with metal and plastic plungers.

Metal air-release plungers are composed of two parts, the O circle, and the plunger rod. There are silicone seal rings on the top to ensure air tightness. After filling the distillate, press the O circle part into the syringe barrel first, followed by screwing on the plunger rod. This creates a ready-to-use distillate syringe. Check the video to find out how to do it.

The plastic air-release plunger is a one-piece design with an O-ring seal at the top. It is a whole with valves on it. Insert the plunger and slowly push it until all the valves are closed. There are no bubbles as the pressure is released. Watch the video for more information.

Why do you need an air-release glass syringe?

When you’re not in the condition to fill the glass syringes from the Luer lock / Luer slip head, then you need it. An ordinary plastic plunger will pop off as there is pressure inside the syringe barrel. The air-release plunger can make distillate filling easy to do.

Removing the air bubble will help to improve the distillate’s potency. Also, the dosing of distillate is more accurate without air bubbles there. This is especially important for the medical use of distillate syringes.

Air-release glass syringes are an essential tool for anyone who wants to produce high-quality CBD distillates.

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