How to choose round and flat edges prefilled syringes?

They are the same in measurements and sizes other than the edges.
picture of comparison of round edge and flat edge syringes

Prefilled syringes are an excellent choice because they are already prefilled with the desired medication. They eliminate the need to fill the syringe manually before use.

There are two different edge types of prefilled syringes: round and flat edges. They are the same in measurements and sizes other than the edges. When facing them, you may want to know how to choose from the prefilled syringes.

Round-edge prefilled syringes have a rounded bottom design, which looks gorgeous and perfect. The measurements are on the center of the syringe barrel wherever you see it.

Flat edges prefilled syringes are trimmed with a flat edge at the bottom. The flat edge can prevent them from rolling around, which makes them stable when it’s placed anywhere. The flat-edge syringe has a cut process rather than the round one.

picture of 1ml round edge syringe and 5ml flat edge syringe

A disadvantage of flat-edge syringes is that the scales are not guaranteed right above when the syringes lie on. It is possible to be printed on the side or back.

When selecting prefilled syringes, consider what points you mainly focus on. The round-edge and flat/cut-edge prefilled syringes are the same without markings. If you do not mind the misplaced measurements, flat-edge prefilled syringes would be a good choice; otherwise, choose the round-edge syringes.

Hopefully, one day we can produce the correct scales with the flat-edge syringes; you can buy any prefilled syringes you want.

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