What is the difference between 1ml short/fat glass syringes and thin/skinny syringes?

1ml short/fat glass syringes are different in price, applications, and precision than the 1ml tall/skinny glass syringes.
image of 1ml short syringe and tall skinny syringe

There are 2 types of 1ml glass syringes available on the market: 1ml short/fat glass syringes and 1ml tall/skinny glass syringes. Both are made of borosilicate glass and are airtight, and their volume is the same.

So what is the difference between them, and which should you choose for your needs? In this blog post, let’s look closely at both types of syringes and compare them to help you decide which is best for you.

1ml short/fat glass syringes are different in price, applications, and precision than the 1ml tall/skinny glass syringes.


1ml tall/skinny glass syringe has a thin barrel, and its diameter is only 6.35mm. The glass syringes are shaped directly from borosilicate glass tubes, which require more complicated craftsmanship.

The 1ml short/fat glass syringes are cheaper than the 1ml tall/skinny glass syringes. For example, the price is about USD0.55/pcs for short/fat glass syringes While USD 0.68/pcs.

Thus, when choosing the 1ml glass syringe, it’s essential to consider the budget. And the short/fat glass syringes are a more economical option for many users.


1ml glass syringes are the most popular type of syringe for liquid medication. They are accurate and durable, making them ideal for various medical applications. 1ml thin/skinny syringe can have more scales, which allows the most precise dosage possible.

The smallest dose amount is 0.05ml on the 1ml short/fat syringes, while the thin/skinny syringe is 0.02ml.

When choosing a 1ml glass syringe, consider the intended use and select the syringes that best suit your needs.

image of applications of 1ml glass syringe


1ml glass prefilled syringes are widely used in various fields.

Generally, 1ml short/fat syringes are used for glue application, distillate dispensing, refilling vape cartridges, crafts, and getting in hard-to-reach places. Distillate syringes are very famous for consuming marijuana extracts. The syringes can be heated directly to make the viscous oils flow easily.

1ml tall/thin glass syringes are commonly used for hyaluronic acid, biomedicines, and vaccines. The syringes are usually equipped with a backstop to provide a convenient way to inject quickly and easily with high accuracy. Besides, the prefilled syringe avoids waste more than traditional ampoules and vials.

Now you know the difference between the 1ml short/fat glass syringes and the thin/skinny ones. If you have any questions or need suggestions for choosing the syringes, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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