Introduce the White-Measurement RSO and FECO Syringe

Customized white measurement syringes will improve the customer experience and make your product stand out in the competitive cannabis market.
RSO and FECO syringes with white and black measurements- Noterd

Syringes with precise and clear dosages are crucial in increasing cannabis consumption. RSO syringes and FECO syringes play an essential role in the medical cannabis market. As we all know, the RSO and FECO are dark black oil, which makes the black markings hard to read on the glass syringes. Now, we’re excited to introduce our groundbreaking product. It’s the white-measurement syringes for dark oils. Crafted with innovation, this syringe can significantly enhance the dosing experience.

Why White Measurements Matter

Transparent precision. The distinctive white measurements offer unparalleled visibility. This ensures a crystal-clear understanding of the RSO and dosage.

This slight modification improves the user experience greatly. Particularly for those who seek precise control over their cannabis syringe intake. More and more older adults are learning about alternative medicine. They are also trying medical marijuana. Then, the white measurement syringes provide them with a reliable and user-friendly tool.

The cost of white measurement syringes

A white scale syringe costs the same as the standard syringe with black markings. It’s a budget-friendly option for dispensing all dark cannabis extracts.

Also, we have got a ready-to-ship stock of the white-measurement syringes. The minimum order quantity is 100pcs only. At Noterd, we are committed to providing solutions that cater to the diverse needs of our clients. With the development of the marijuana industry, we can expect more medical hemp oil products in the future.

Brand your oil syringes

The white measurements aren’t just about aesthetics; they serve a functional purpose. Our syringe guarantees accurate measurements, empowering clients to tailor their doses. Pharmaceutical enterprises can customize any dose measurements according to their concentrates. It can prevent users from misusing the quantity.

A white logo or caution warning can be printed directly on the RSO/FECO syringes. Impressive logos make products stand out in the competitive cannabis market. A reminder on a cannabis syringe keeps people alert when the outer packaging is being removed.

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