The Noterd story: how we became the go-to source for prefilled glass syringes in China

Our factory owns the first complete production lines of prefilled syringes in Asia. The Forth in the world.
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The prefilling syringe is to fill the medicine directly into the syringe on the production line. Compared to the traditional injection vials and ampoule bottles, it ensures zero contact with air during drug use. And it also avoids the risk of secondary pollution in the injection process. Our factory owns the first complete production lines of prefilled syringes in Asia. The Forth in the world. We’re also the first enterprise in China to have a patent on an automatic molding machine for the prefilling syringe.

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Our workshop has finished the commissioning of the 10ml prefilling glass syringes. And are expected to carry out mass production soon. This is the first large volume of borosilicate syringes in China.

How we got started

French physician Charles Pravaz patented the first prefilled syringe in 1853. And the syringes were developed in the early 1800s. And then, they quickly gained popularity among medical professionals. By the mid-1900s, prefilled syringes were being mass-produced, and they soon became the standard for injecting medications. The first commercially available prefilled syringe was introduced in the United States in 1949. Prefilled syringes are a relatively new invention, but they have already revolutionized the medical field.

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Back in 2004, when our factory started up, we had to import some key production equipment overseas. President Gao, the founder of our factory, realized that only innovation could keep us competitive in the industry. He found five technicians and spent 15 months drawing hundred of design drawings. Finally, they developed the first generation automatic molding machine for pre-filling syringes. This breakthrough increased the production capacity to 10 million prefill syringes that year. Since then, we have continued developing new techniques that have helped us stay ahead of the competition. As a result, we have become a leading supplier of high-quality prefilled glass syringes.

The importance of quality prefilled syringes

Our prefilled syringes are made of borosilicate glass, making them safe for use in medical settings. Borosilicate glass is a type of glass that contains boron oxide. It is more resistant to thermal shock than other types of glass. It means that it can withstand sudden changes in temperature without shattering. Borosilicate glass is also inert to avoid reacting with the medications stored inside, which can prevent contamination of the contents of the syringe.

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Borosilicate glass syringes are a vital tool in the medical industry. Their importance cannot be understated. Glass syringes are used to store and deliver a variety of medications, from liquids to powders. And it’s also widely used in vaccine packaging and hyaluronic acid injection. Besides, various tip sizes, plunger styles, and finger grips are fitted with glass syringes for specific requirements.

While glass syringes may cost more than plastic syringes, they offer a level of quality that is worth the investment.

Recent innovations in our production lines

In April 2021, Our factory launched the first set of automatic molding machines and needle filling machines. The equipment has dramatically improved in production capacity and quality. The error of 4 wires (0.04 mm) of this kind of gear transmission in German equipment can now reach less than 1 wire (0.01 mm).

We also became the first domestic enterprise to fully realize the localization of production equipment. Our production capacity was increased from 60 million to 120 million.

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The third-generation equipment, which is independently developed, has been ahead of Germany’s same type of equipment. The fourth-generation equipment has also entered the stage of assembly and commissioning. It adopts a new technology that nobody has ever tried in this field. Its process uses big data to collect various gas proportions, pressures, and temperatures of the gas distribution system. It can also automatically adjust.

Our factory has 15 sets of first-generation glass coat molding machines. 7 patents. And we have applied for 40 patents for invention and practical information this year.

Why are we your best choice to buy prefilled syringes?

Professional background. With decades of development, we have invested a lot of money in technological updates. Keeping long-term cooperative relations with many well-known suppliers.

Quick lead time. There are hundreds of thousands of regular products in stock. We can ship them out within 24 hours after confirming the order. With our continuous increase in production lines, it will take 7 days only to finish new orders!

Flexible payment terms. We can accept payment by L / C, telegraphic transfer, and credit card. We have opened bank accounts in many countries to facilitate customers’ payments.

Orders management. We’re more than just simple pay-delivery sales. We’ll work with you to create an order plan that saves money, time, and freight while keeping your company from any unnecessary hassle!

We are confident in our ability to provide quality products and services. We will continue to work hard to stay ahead of the competition by offering innovative products. With over a decade of experience, we now have over 350 clients worldwide, and our sales are steadily growing. Our knowledge and expertise will help you find the perfect product for your needs. Contact us today to get started with prefilled glass syringes!

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