How is the Bulk Prefilled syringe packed?

Usually, the packaging of prefilled glass syringes has three parts: the nest box, the pushrods, and the rubbers.
image of Conventional Packaging

In this way, pharmaceutical enterprises can improve automatic filling efficiency significantly.

The nest box is made of high-polystyrene (PS). It’s environment-friendly with strong impact resistance, preventing the prefilled glass syringes from being damaged during long-distance transportation.

The transparent plastic bag outside the nest box is not an ordinary bag. It is a professional medical dialysis bag produced by DuPont, which can keep the box inside sterile.

A honey board with many holes is embedded in the nest box, and the prefilled syringe barrels are held in it. There are 64pcs of 5ml prefilled glass syringes in a nest box, and it’s 100pcs for the other size of syringes.

image of prefilled syringe tub

Of course, the prefilled glass syringes can be fully assembled well and put into the nest box. It is a good choice for clients who use non-automatic or semi-automatic filling machines.

Image of assembled syringes

For marijuana distillate prefilled syringes, sometimes metal plungers are required. The packing of metal plungers is 100 pieces per bag.

Image of Metal Silver plunger syringe packaging

1000 pcs or 1500 pcs are packed into one carton for bulk prefilled syringes orders and then make pallets packings also.

Image of prefilled syringe packing process
The prefilled syringe packing process

The small order quantity for our products is one box. That is to say, you can buy 64pcs of 5ml prefilled glass syringes as a test order, and the MOQ for other sizes is 100 pieces.

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