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Medical Marijuana Cannabis Concentrate Glass Jar

♦ size: 1g 3g 5g 7g 10g
♦ Smell proof glass cannabis jar
♦ Moisture resistant and Odor proof design
♦ Fits for powder, flowers, or dry herbs
♦ Airtight, easy screw lid – Easy-open dab container
♦ Thick walls and weighted bottom
♦ Made with Grade A pharmaceutical glass

♦  Price Range: $ 0.1~ $0.2 ( Per piece )

This jar is widely used as Medical marijuana packaging and cannabis concentrates friendly containers due to its excellent product features.


Details of Medical Marijuana Cannabis Concentrate Glass Jar

Glass jar picture-3

Child Resistant Solution

Concentrate Jar’s are a necessary item with anyone who needs safe-storage(child resistant cap) for their concentrates. Since the potency of some concentrates can be powerful, screw tops like these can be very helpful for storage and preservation purposes. These small concentrate containers come in different sizes and come with screw top lids.

Excellent Fresh Keeping Effect

Keep all of your oils, waxes, and shatters neatly contained with these Glass Concentrate Containers. Capable of accommodating a generous 5ml of medicinal concentrates, these concentrate containers keep your medicines fresh while protecting them from drying out. It’s glass base makes it easier to manage even the most slippery of oils with minimum mess.

Glass jar picture-2
Glass jar picture-1

Convenient To Carry

It isn’t big or bulky enough to be a bother, and very easy to carry in a pocket or bag. When you carry your oil or waxy concentrates in one of these clear containers, you are assured of a good supply.Then, when you open your concentrate jar for dabbing (or dabs), the contents will be as fresh as they day they were placed inside because air-tight, safe storage keeps them that way.   

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