How Do Custom Glass Syringes?

Custom glass syringes include printing a unique design or logo on the prefilled glass syringe and changing the prefilled glass syringe's appearance.
Image of custom logo syringe

A logo can help a glass syringe stand out from other similar syringes. It can also help create an association between the brand and the company in the minds of consumers.

A well-designed logo can also make the glass syringe more recognizable and memorable. For these reasons, many companies choose to print symbols on their syringes.

Firstly, just the following 4 steps can help you own your brand products.

  1. Give us the design or logo file, even in PDF or JPG files.
  2. Our designer will send over a syringe mock-up for your approval. (Usually within 2 hours)
  3. We send the clients the images and videos of a physical sample for confirmation.
  4. Start production of bulk glass syringes (The lead time takes about 7 days)

Then you will have brand prefilled glass syringes! It’s easy to do!

image of syringe mock up
The glass syringe mock-up before production

Secondly, we can change the colors of the glass syringe components, such as the rubber stoppers, and Luer lock head. Even the measurements can be customized too.

image of custom glass syringes
Various different glass syringes

Thirdly, We can coat the glass syringe and print unique designs on it. Then unique colorful glass syringes are made!

image of colorful glass syringes
Coated the glass syringes with different colors

As long as you want to have your own unique glass syringes, feel free to contact us for more details!

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