How to tell borosilicate glass syringe with an actual stainless steel plunger?

Sometimes professional buyers emphasize Full stainless steel plungers. What is it?
Image of stainless steel plunger glass syringe

Generally, we call the stainless steel plunger syringe a silver plunger syringe. Sometimes professional buyers emphasize Full stainless steel plungers because they are different in structure.

Materials of stainless steel plunger

A Full stainless steel plunger comprises 303 and 304 stainless steel, and its antioxidant feature is better. The main composition of the ordinary stainless steel plunger is 304 stainless steel, but its head and base are metal and are plated with a layer of chromium.

These two plungers are popular in the market, but a True one is $0.12/pcs higher. Just imagine you buy 100,000pcs glass syringes with metal plungers; that’s the $12,000 cost difference! Therefore it’s essential to know how to distinguish them.

They look the same from the appearance, but the bottom of the True stainless steel plunger can reflect light. So ask the seller,” is that Full stainless steel or not?” before placing an order. 

Image of stainless steel plunger

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