The 5 Points to Choose Distillate Syringe from a Plastic and Metal Plunger

This article is to help new vendors or extract plants choose the correct glass syringes from metal twist plunger syringes and plastic plunger ones.
image of 1ml glass syringe

In the last few years, breakthroughs in medicine have brought people more enjoyment of life. With the legalization of marijuana, distillate syringes are becoming more and more popular. It’s suitable for medical marijuana patients and recreational users. They use it to measure dosages of marijuana products, such as cannabidiol, THC, and RSO.

You may notice there are two primary glass distillate syringes. One has a plastic plunger, and the other has a metal twist stainless steel plunger.

This article is to help new vendors or extract plants choose the correct glass syringes.

1. Material

The plastic plunger consists of a plunger (Polystyrene) rod and rubber stopper. The Rubber stopper is usually made with Chlorinated or Brominated Butyl Rubber.

A metal plunger is a stainless steel, and 3 silicone O-rings surround the head. Its color is electroplated on metal plungers except for the silver plunger.

Both plungers are widely used for packaging cannabis oil extracts.

If there are unique sensitive ingredients, you will have to check the features of the raw materials and choose a suitable plunger.

Image of plunger material

2. Appearance

The visual luster of the metal plunger will be more classy than that of the plastic plunger.

Both top parts of plungers are screwed together. The plastic plunger’s rubber stopper and plunger rod may fall off when it is being pulled out. The metal plunger is deeply screwed and never separated.

The plastic plunger is made by one-time molding. The plastic plunger can be made into various colors as per Pantone colors.

The process of a colored metal plunger is electroplated with a layer of color, such as gold, purple or black. Oxidation or shedding may occur over a long period using.

Image of colorful plastic plunger syringe
1ml glass syringes with colorful plastic plungers

Image of colorful metal plungers
Colorful metal plungers for glass syringes

3. Filling Oil

All these two distillate syringes can hold cannabis oil extracts well. But, they share specific differences in their oil filling mechanism.

You can rotate down the head of the stainless steel plunger. It is easy to fill oil from the bottom of the distillate syringe, and the plastic plunger syringe can’t.

A standard plastic plunger will pop out from the pressure in the filling process. The stainless steel plunger allows the safe and sturdy closing of pre-filled syringes.

Image of disassembled metal syringe
Disassembled distillate glass syringe with metal plunger

4. Price/Cost

Lowing the cost is a good thing for start-ups. Price differences change the customer groups. Not all the customers are willing to pay more for slight differences.

The part where a plastic plunger beats a metal plunger is in price. Because of the cost of raw materials, a plastic plunger syringe is cheaper than a metal plunger. There is a 1/3 price difference.

image of glass syringe with different plungers

5. Custom Logo

Customizing can make your distillate syringe stand out from the market.

Well-known cannabis businesses want to expand their market share and improve customer loyalty. Small new enterprises want to gain a foothold in the fierce market competition.

The distillate glass syringes with stainless steel plungers are open to customizing. No matter printing a logo or design on a glass barrel or a metal plunger, it’s easy to do.

You can only print the logo or design on the barrel of a plastic plunger distillate syringe.

Image of logo printing syringe

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