Steam/air mixture sterilization: the terminally sterilizing for prefilled syringes

Steam/air mixture sterilization means using steam and air to sterilize prefilled syringes.
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The invention of the prefilled syringe was a major advance in medical care. Prefilled syringes reduced the risk of errors and infections in a ready-to-use form. Yet, prefilled syringes also posed a new challenge for sterilization.

Syntegon’s subsidiary Schoeller-Bleckmann Medizintechnik (SBM) developed the famous steam/air mixture sterilization.

Using this method, prefilled syringes can be sterilized without damaging delicate components. As a result, prefilled syringes are now an essential part of modern medical care.

What is Steam/air mixture sterilization?

Steam/air mixture sterilization means using steam and air to sterilize prefilled syringes.

This method is created by combining steam and air in a special chamber. The syringes are then placed in the chamber and exposed to the steam/air mixture for a specific time.

After the cycle is complete, the prefilled syringes are removed from the chamber and cool. This sterilization way is often used in healthcare settings because of its effectiveness.

What are the benefits of Steam/air mixture sterilization?

Steam/air mixture sterilization is widely used for prefilled pharmaceutical syringes. It provides many more benefits, including a shorter cycle time and the ability to sterilize delicate items.

Steam/air mixture sterilization is effective against various viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Also, steam/air mixture sterilization is a simple and quick process. It is well suited for use in prefilled syringe manufacturing facilities.

Some tips on processing Steam/air mixture sterilization:

Saturated steam of 121°C (212°F) is the best choice for prefilled syringes.

The time it takes to kill microorganisms is highly influenced by their number and types.

And it’s also affected by other physical factors such as porosity, geometry, and heat sink effects.

A 12-log reduction (99.99999%) is the goal for prefilled syringes. The temperature, pressure, and time cycle determine how quickly you can achieve the desired outcome.

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