What is the sterilized way of prefilled syringes?

E0 gas sterilization is an effective way to ensure that Prefilled syringes are safe for use.
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Prefilled syringes are an increasingly popular option for delivering medication. And they offer many advantages over traditional syringes. Pre-fillable syringes can be sterile, meaning there is no contamination risk. Sterilization is vital as contamination can lead to serious health complications. E0 gas sterilization is one of the most common ways to sterilize prefilled syringes.

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E0 gas sterilization is a process that uses gaseous ethylene oxide to sterilize prefilled syringes. The ethylene oxide gas kills bacteria, viruses, and spores. It is often used for products that are difficult to sterilize using other methods.

The process is typically carried out in a sterile chamber, and the packed syringes are exposed to the gas for a specific period of time. E0 gas sterilization is an effective way to ensure that Prefilled syringes are safe for use.

Here below is the process we do to sterilize prefilled syringes:

  1. Start the ethylene oxide sterilizer. Confirming that the water, electricity, gas, and other conditions are met.
  2. Pretreatment. Begin to heat up, and wait for the temperature and humidity to reach the set value. Then open the feed door and transport the products to the sterilization cabinet. Put it as per the regulations.
  3. Confirm that the product specification and quantity are correct. The operator and the reviewer sign; close the cabinet door, and start sterilization.
  4. Use 50% ethylene oxide gas, temperature 50-55 ℃, pressure 20kPa, time 8 hours.
  5. Post-treatment, exhaust, pressure relief.
  6. After sterilization, the product is stored and Disinfection analyzed. The analysis period is not less than 7 days.

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