Oil syringes: the best packaging for marijuana extractions

The oil syringe can dispense various oils, including CBD oil, THC oil, RSO, and other concentrates.
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Marijuana extractions are becoming popular as people learn about the benefits of cannabinoids. Many methods exist to consume marijuana concentrates, and oil syringes are often considered the best option.

Oil syringes are the preferred choice for marijuana extractions for several reasons.

First, oil syringes are airtight, so there’s no risk of your oil going bad due to oxidation.

Second, oil syringes are inert materials that won’t react, ensuring that the oil stays pure.

Third, oil syringes are designed to dispense oil in a precise and controlled manner, making it easy to get the perfect dose every time.

Fourth, vape oil syringes match with blunt tip needles, which makes it easy to dispense the oil into a vape pen or other device.

Finally, oil syringes are simply more convenient to use than other syringes.

What is an oil syringe?

In the marijuana industry, “oil syringe” refers to cannabis oil syringes. These tiny devices are used to dispense many cannabis oils, including CBD oil, THC oil, RSO, and other concentrates. They are made of glass or plastic and can be fitted with stainless steel plungers to make them easy to push. The oil syringe can dispense various oils, including CBD oil, THC oil, RSO, and other concentrates.

Cannabis oil syringes are used to treat pain, anxiety, and seizures. Luer lock oil syringes have a threaded fitting that allows them to be securely attached to a blunt needle. The Luer slip syringes are easy to take on/off the cap. Oil syringes are essential for anyone using cannabis oil medicinally or recreationally.

What is an oil syringe used for?

Oil syringes are becoming popular for administering oils, especially those containing THC or CBD. Unlike other methods, such as taking a pill or tincture, oil syringes allow for a precise dose. This is especially important for medical users who must ensure they take the correct medication.

Oil syringes can also be used to fill vape cartridges or for dabbing. The oil can be dispensed into baking or coffee for those who prefer not to smoke. The RSO oil syringe is designed to apply the oils directly under the tongue, resulting in faster absorption. Graduated oil syringes are an accurate and convenient tool for dispensing oils.

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How to choose an oil syringe?

There are 2 primary oil syringes in the marijuana market, plastic oil syringes and borosilicate oil syringes.

Plastic oil syringes are cheaper and widely used for RSO and don’t need heat.

Borosilicate glass syringes are standard packaging for CBD / THC oil. The borosilicate syringe is resistant to high temperatures and suitable for viscous oils requiring heat to flow smoothly.

A Borosilicate syringe with stainless steel plungers is better for pushing thick oils, especially for non-silicone oil syringes. Oil syringes with stainless steel plungers are more expensive than plastic plunger ones.

The oil syringes vary from 1ml to 10ml. When choosing an oil syringe, it is important to consider its budget, volume, and intended use.

Where to buy oil syringes?

If you want to buy a few empty oil syringes, you can buy them from a local store or order them online, like Amazon.

For wholesale oil syringes, whether you’re a middleman or fill the extracts yourself, you’ve come to the right place. There are a few manufacturers of borosilicate oil syringes in China, and we are one of them.

We have a wide selection of oil syringes for sale, and we’re confident you’ll find the perfect one for your needs. Our oil syringes are made from high-quality borosilicate glass and are perfect for storing and dispensing oil extracts. We offer wholesale prices on our oil syringes and can provide door-to-door services anywhere in the world.

If you are interested in purchasing oil syringes from us, please contact us for more information. Thanks!

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