How to choose distillate glass syringe with Luer lock vs Luer slip

Some vendors or cannabis oil producers promoting distillate syringes for the first time will ask how we choose the distillate glass syringes ?
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Prefilled Glass syringes are becoming more and more popular in the marijuana packaging market because of their superior performance. We have served more than 300 clients in the past 5 years, and 90% of our customers are from the North American market.

Some vendors or cannabis oil producers promoting distillate syringes for the first time will ask how we choose the distillate glass syringes with Luer lock or Luer slip?

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What’s is Luer Lock glass syringe and Luer slip glass syringe?

The head of the Luer lock glass syringe has a threaded collar, and the cap or a needle is screwed to the glass syringe barrel; It can prevent accidental removal.

Luer slip glass syringe relies on friction to maintain a seal with the cap or needle. It’s quicker to fit or remove. The Luer slip cap is a simple push or taken off the syringe tip.

Image of luer lock syringe and luer slip comparison

Choose the distillate syringe from the filling way

There are several methods to fill distillate into a glass syringe. Different Luer systems match with different types of filling machines. There are three main filling methods for small and medium-sized companies: manual filling, filling guns, and automatic filling machines.

The manual filling requires a large syringe, a Luer connector, and a Luer lock glass syringe.

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Glass syringes are the best choice for large syringes because plastic can interact with marijuana terpenes, affecting overall distillate quality. However, this method is not suitable for raw material oil. It’s too heavy to push.

The filling gun and the automatic filling machine must match the corresponding Luer lock/Luer slip system before filling.

Choose the glass syringe with a blunt needle from sealability

Both Luer lock glass syringes and Luer slip glass syringes have good airtightness. Glass syringes with Luer lock are more secure to lock with a blunt tip because the thick cannabis oil takes a certain amount of pressure to release.

When the blunt needle is connected with a Luer slip glass syringe and pushed too hard, the blunt tip may slip from the Luer slip head and cause the precious oil to leak.

Distillate syringe with needle

Choose the glass syringe from the application

If applied to flat products, there is no difference between the Luer Lock and Luer Slip, for example, dripping coffee or using it in recipes.

If you want to put marijuana oil into long, narrow spaces, such as vape cartridges or other tools, Luer locked glass syringes are an excellent choice with the help of blunt needles.

Distillate syringe in use

In the actual purchase process, consumers pay more attention to the taste of marijuana than a glass syringe model. However, if you can tell them the difference in use, it will be easier for marijuana beginners to select products.

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