Why is there an air bubble in a prefilled syringe?

The air bubble technology is new, accompanied by the development of the pre-filled syringe.
image of prefilled syringe with air bubble technology

Pre-filled syringes are easier to use and more accurate in dose than vials. They saved costs, which is very important in the expensive biopharmaceutical industry.

The pre-filled syringe’s development accompanies the new air bubble technology.

Why is the air bubble technology for prefilled syringes?

For the 1ml prefilling syringe, there is a 0.04~0.06ml dead space at the connection between the needle and the barrel. For a 5ml refillable syringe, there is a 0.04~0.06ml dead space at the connection.

Usually, the nurses will expel the air after pumping the liquid. This injection method results in residual / waste equivalent to the syringe dead space volume.

But, the syringe pre-filled with air bubbles can avoid this situation.

With this technology, after the medicine injection, the air bubbles are on it. And then the inertia force brings out bubbles. It reduces the residue of the invalid cavity. So, the air bubble syringes benefit absorption and improve the curative effect.

Besides, the drug will not go into the tissue under your skin as easily when the needle is taken out. This will reduce how much the patient feels pain.

image of air bubble prefilled syringe in use

How much air is reserved with the prefilled syringe?

The reserved air bubble should be about the same size as the invalid cavity in the syringe. This will help to replace all of the invalid cavities in the syringe.

The size of the invalid cavity can differ from syringe to syringe. Pre-filled syringes have few reserved air bubbles, so you don’t have to worry about it.

You can just inject it according to instructions. Usually, prefilled syringes can be reserved with 0.04-0.3ml air bubbles.

Which drugs are air bubbles prefilled syringes used for injection?

Air bubble technology ensures patients’ safety when injected with drugs. Such as intramuscular and subcutaneous injections of trace, valuable, or irritating drugs.

It should not be used for intravenous infusion because that could cause an air embolism.

Treating autoimmune diseases is the best example of air bubble prefilled syringes.

The trend of air bubble pre-filled syringes is unstoppable.

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